YNot (Daybreak mix 1994​/​5)

from TX 2: Bits and Bloops by Reality Engine



This was recorded, funnily enough at daybreak - the chiptune sounds were running back through my Amiga, and I had a very rudimentary FX unit program which I was feeding back, I think via an effect send on my old Tascam 05HS four track. The samples are from some music magazine...myself and the others in Psychoacoustic LOVED playing with the Perfect Sound, Dynamic Drums, WaveLab, MP3.com and other such speech announcements, cutting them up for comedic effect!

This is one of my favourites though, despite being lo-fi and I think tape saturated to hell, as I have the original un-FX version and despite it not being a cassette tape rip it's as lifeless...as STONE!

Oh and along with the original RavEvil and Relax this was on the 'Serving Suggestion: Best of Placcybag Records' CD. Which you won't hear cos it's got me singing and rapping on it...


from TX 2: Bits and Bloops, released September 18, 2013


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