Work It Tiger (Le Tigre vs Masters at Work - 2004)

from Kodiak Moment 2: Best of Instamatic & TBC 2003​-​2008 by Instamatic



I think indie disco aka punk funk / indie dance has been a bit forgotten - but back in the day you'd as likely hear DFA, Rapture, Bloc Party or Le Tigre as Daft Punk, Benny Benassi or Flat Beat. I was a big fan of this guitars meet beats thing, it was very Gang of Four/new wave meets modern dance production.

This hybrid of a house track with hyper-sexual Jamaican vocal meets very opposite feminist Le Tigre - feminist in their own ways really - was born of that. I liked to shock and mix it up - see Push It Slut - but also make points about similarities and absurdities. And I genuinely like both these tracks.



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