Willesden Blue (The Orb vs Mescaleros vs Bonzo Dog Band - 2007 from MP3 source, 2020 remaster)

from Kodiak Moment 3: Best of Instamatic & Captain Obvious 2008 - ​2011 by Instamatic



Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros - Willesden to Cricklewood vs The Orb -Blue Room and Bonzo Dog Band - Shirts

Really proud of this one, despite issues with some of the timing, because I took clips of Joe Strummer's London Calling show, his Mescaleros track about where I used to live near for many years- Willesden and Cricklewood, the orb's Blue Room which I still have in 39.59 single CD form, and the Bonzo's track interviewing a random bloke in Willesden Green about Shirts. The eclecticism says everything I wanted to say about Joe and his legacy - also from Strummer Remixed aka This One's For Joe - www.mutantpop.net/strummerremix/

Not found this source file yet hence it's from MP3, if I do I will remaster and maybe tweak the later timing...as it was made on PC with Ableton it might not be that update friendly with plugins now I have switched platform!



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