Nasty Chewing Girls (12″ Bubblicious Genius mix) (Vanity 6 vs Annie vs Tom Tom Club - 2010, 2020 remaster) - MP3 source

from Kodiak Moment 3: Best of Instamatic & Captain Obvious 2008 - ​2011 by Instamatic



Vanity 6 ‘Nasty Girls’ (That’ll Work remix) vs Annie ‘Chewing Gum’ (Headman Dub & mix) & Tom Tom Club – Genius of Love (extended))

A mashup idea from Jeb Edwards aka 50PoundNote who asked why isn’t there a Nasty Girls vs Chewing Gum mashup in existence? A very good question indeed,

This comes in two flavours, the ‘7″ Juicy Fruit’ mix and the ’12” Bubblicious Genius mix’ – not edits actually totally different mashups, second one I did first as I didn’t have the Chewing Gum instrumental (it’s on the flip side of the 7″) so I used the Headman Dub and Mix, but then Gavin Reborn Identity kindly provided it to me so hence the other version. The DJ version is of course faster, about 126bpm if memory serves, and as Chewing Gum is seriously influenced by Tom Tom Club’s Genius of Love I added a bit of my favourite intro to that song and little bits scattered throughout.

Sadly MP3 quality only - this track is one of the few that cannot be remastered or resourced/re-rendered...because I know I lost the files in a crash shortly after making it.



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