timbearland aka Instamatic - Last Night A DJ Tied Up Madonna (72 Pt 17 rejected entry - Madonna vs LFO vs Indeep - 2009, 2020 remaster)

from Kodiak Moment 3: Best of Instamatic & Captain Obvious 2008 - ​2011 by Instamatic



Madonna - Music vs LFO - Tied Up vs Indeep - Last Night A DJ Saved My Life

This was the original rejected entry for my second round of 72, and a big part of the reason why I left the project. Listening back now, this entry still seems fine, but it wasn't good enough or there was some last minute issue with it - and then all my entries were all remixed to sound worse when I wasn't given a fair chance to show my best, which upset me.

It was a weird situation anyway, I felt there was some weird unasked for rivalry between those who were doing 72 and Boot In 60 which I didn't get - PomDeter was fine, it was some of the others who I felt had an Us vs Them attitude, which I took as banter at first but took a darker turn with these events. I wanted it to succeed but at the time I felt like I was ambushed.

Remember I had 72 hours, so I had to drop everything on the last night - and I was working at the time - to compile a second one. I should have told him where to stick it.

And yes 11 years later, I am still annoyed about this, hence why posting the original mixes which although rough are still better than what turned up in the mix which I still can't listen to as a result.



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