timbearland aka Instamatic - Justice Is Blind In This Land of Confusion (72 Pt 9 original entry - Lady Sovereign vs Justice vs Genesis vs Hercules & Love Affair - 2009 - 2020 remaster)

from Kodiak Moment 3: Best of Instamatic & Captain Obvious 2008 - ​2011 by Instamatic



Lady Sovereign - Love Me or Hate Me vs Justice - Stress vs Genesis - Land of Confusion vs Hercules & Love Affair featuring Anohni - Blind vs Dizzee Rascal - Pussyole.

The original unruined 72 entry. 72 was sort of inspired by my Boot In 60 Second project, a similar game of mashup consequences, but with a twist to stop bootleggers sitting on their entries - you only had 72 hours, hence why this isn't as polished as other things. Also you had 72 seconds to work with and the total mix was 72 minutes.

The fact it got remixed so horrendously by a certain person engineering the album and then his drama over my 2nd entry - no it wasn't Pom - is partly why I bowed out of the 72 project.



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