Fela Down the Chippy (Swears He’s Hot) (Fela Kuti vs Hot Chip - 2010 - 2020 remaster)

from Kodiak Moment 3: Best of Instamatic & Captain Obvious 2008 - ​2011 by Instamatic



Fela Kuti 'Lady' vs Hot Chip - One Pure Thought

Created for a later GYBO Challenge where someone chose the sources - I won one in fact and had to do same, you had to use one of the provided instrumentals or acapellas.

Not sure which was which in this case - I think it was the Hot Chip as I was interested in using different sources, less Western-centric, less of a beaten path back then - and still.

Given the possibility for total car-crash with Afro-Jazz/Funk and crazy keys, this works well. You might hear other GYBO Challenge tracks in the Sooper Sekrit bonus if you download the whole album!



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